Beach cleaning 29, July - Port Calanova

The multiple Paralympic champion swimmer, Xavi Torres, along with more than 50 students of our National Sailing School, have been out to clean the beaches in our area and leave them free of debris and plastics this past Friday.

This is an awareness campaign organized by the National Sailing School of Calanova in which collaborates Coca-Cola. It is intended to convey to the students the importance of protecting the environment and keeping the beaches & sea clean . The athlete has taught children tha volunteered in this activity an explanatory talk on how to get the waste of the coast and what can be done to prevent it. Then, participants have come kayaking to a nearby beach next to Calanova harbor and for two hours have collected the most common waste in this environment like cigarette butts, food wrappers, bottles, cans and plastic bags among others.

Felipe Elvira, Director of the National Sailing School of Calanova said that "It is an honor and a duty to participate in such campaigns that do nothing but remind us of the importance of maintaining the sea, coast and our beaches clean." "Educate the smallest on the care of our environment and respect for the flora and fauna around us is one of our priorities in our school."

On the 'Cleaning Beaches Campaign’ during the months of July and August different Balearics Yacht Clubs organize cleanups of beaches to educate young people about caring for the environment. This initiative has the support of Coca-Cola, which It aims to raise awareness among young about the importance of avoiding fouling our seas and educate them on the importance of recycling depositing waste. The first of these conferences was held here in Calanova which have involved about 50 volunteers students of the National Sailing School.

Accompanied monitors and Paralympic champion Xavi Torres, as ambassador of this activity, have cleaned the area having collected different types of waste.